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Baba Indaba, pronounced Baaba Indaaba, lived in Africa a long-long time ago. Indeed, this story was first told by Baba Indaba to the British settlers over 250 years ago in a place on the South East Coast of Africa called Zululand, which is now in a country now called South Africa.

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From a young age Baba Indaba was apprentice to the tribes Wenxoxi Indaba (Wensosi Indaaba the Story Teller) It was his or her job was to memorise all the tribe’s history, stories and folklore, which had been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

In time the Wenxoxi Indaba grew old and Baba Indaba became the next in a long line of Wenxoxi Indabas. So fond were the children of him that they continued to call him Baba Indaba – the Father of Stories.
Baba Indaba believes the tale he is about to tell in this collection and all the others he has learned, are the common property of Umntwana (Children) of every nation in the world - and so they are and have been ever since men and women began telling stories, thousands and thousands of years ago.

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This next story was told to him by a sailor from Annotto Bay. Can you find Annotto Bay on a map? What country is it in?
Horse bet Turtle say a get to Kingston before him. Turtle bet him say him will get to Kingston before him, Brar Horse.

Among the mountain pastures and valleys that lie in the centre of France there dwelt a mischievous kind of spirit, whose delight it was to play tricks on everybody, and particularly on the shepherds and the cowboys.

Perhaps you think that fishes were always fishes, and never lived anywhere except in the water, but if you went to Australia and talked to the black people in the sandy desert in the centre of the country you would learn something quite different.

Once upon a time, there was a king in a land far, far away who had a beautiful daughter whom he dearly loved.  This king could be kind but was also very greedy.  One day while on an outing he came across a young person who was hungry and lost. 

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While the Manchester and Milford railway was being constructed, many a frugal farmer added to his earnings by boarding and lodging the navvies (labourers) who were exalting the valleys and making low the hills for the iron rails.

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